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What is Endurance?

Fusionist's mainnet, social & game oriented infrastructure layer.

Project Endurance is the decentralized upgrade of Alpha Prestige (ap.fusionist.io). We started with Alpha Prestige, a centralized user engagement reward system, which successfully got us over 130k high-quality web3 users. We would like to take one step further and decentralize it by building our own sidechain: Endurance.

Endurance will be capable of storing all users’ behaviors and achievements on-chain through our BOAT (Bound On-Chain Achievement Token) setup. By converting the centralized AP points to ACE tokens, Endurance will increase user bonding, transparency, privacy, and security for the entire system.

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How to add Endurance Network (MetaMask)

1. Click 'Networks' >> 'Add Network' on MetaMask
2. Click 'Add a network manually'
3. Input the following information:
Network NameEndurance
New RPC URLhttps://rpc-endurance.fusionist.io
Chain ID648
Currency SymbolACE
Block Explorer URLhttps://explorer.endurance.fusionist.io/
4. Click 'Save'

How to switch Endurance network

1. Click 'Wallet Button' in the upper right corner
2. Click 'Switch Network'
3. Allow Wallet to switch the network

What is ACE?

ACE: the Main Token on Endurance, with the goal of allowing users to engage and earn.
Total supply: 147Mn
Full token metric breakdown will be provided in the near future.

How to get ACE?

Go to 'the Endurance Page' and select the ACE pickup window that meets the criteria to receive the ACE

What is BOAT?

BOAT, Bound On-Chain Achievement Token, is a proof of identity for outstanding contributions to the Fusionist community, and is one of the selection criteria for Fusionist airdrop recipients and a condition for obtaining a spot in the event.
One of BOAT's roles is to increase the amount of ACE earned each day. And to gain some game-related advantages/benefits.

How to get BOAT?

Click BOAT to view BOAT
BOAT is classified into five categories: Loyalty, Activity, Contribution, Social, and Value-add. Each of these five categories will have subdivided BOATs, also known as BOAT levels.
When you reach the Mint condition for BOAT at any given level, you can go to the ap.fusionist.io page to mint BOAT and get the associated benefits of BOAT.

What is Alpha Prestige?

500 Own-and-Play Exclusive Privileged Symbols. Alpha Prestige grants holder permanent, exclusive access to benefits and privileges in the Fusionist universe.
Privileges of Alpha Prestige:
· Debut-Limited Mech NFT: Quartan Primes — Stars of Dawn, playable in game. Whitelist and free mint guaranteed
· Beta test & follow-up airdrop participation rights guaranteed
· In-game access to special benefits
· Access to private Discord channel
· 500 units total supply, with no additional quantities to be issued in the future
· Get ACE free every day
· Get Whitelist & Discount for Fusionist Event
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Fusionist's mainnet, social & game oriented
infrastructure layer.


Alpha Prestige NFT

Quratan Primes NFT

Bi·Mech NFT


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